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Tomàs Pla has been a great fan of toys for more than 25 years. His interest began when constructing a scale model train. Little by little he built his collection until arriving at the present one. Anecdotally, the first train that he bought was here in Sant Feliu de Guíxols.
The collection consists of more than 3500 toys, dating between 1875 and 1975 and are basically of Spanish manufacture. Most of them are in perfect state of conservation and operation. One can find the emblematic tin plate toys of the Spanish companies Payá and Rico from Ibi (Alicante), the wood toys and the "Pepas" of the post-war period, the board games of the house Borrás from Mataró (Maresme) and the plastic toys since 1952.
Also one can find tin plate toys of German companies: Lehmann, Märklin, Bing...

Really, the collection wants to give an historical perspective of the evolution of the Spanish toy over the course of 100 years.

It was at the end of 1998 when Tomàs Pla got the idea to create a museum of toys, taking advantage of the building that he owned located in number 46 of the Rambla Vidal. At the beginning of the project, it was found that there was a lack of space in the building and the initiative was in dead end. In late 1999 a new opportunity arose: the purchase of the contiguous building number 48-50, known as "Can Vilaret". Therefore the necessary works began to open part of the building to the public, and in a record time of only 6 months it was ready. Naturally they continued to opening new rooms to the public as and when the restoration works allow it.

11th of August of 2000 the inauguration was celebrated and the doors of "MUSEU D'HISTÒRIA DE LA JOGUINA" (Collection Tomàs Pla) were opened to the public. Located in the building of the Boulevard Vidal 48-50. Now the exhibition consists of 1000 toys that are part of a complete collection consisting of 3500 pieces.

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Museu d' Història de la Joguina

Rambla Antoni Vidal, 48-50
17220 - Sant Feliu de Guíxols
Girona - Espanya

972 822 249